Loss of volume is a natural part of the aging process. Dr. Racanelli performs facial fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) in order to correct and enhance the areas that may have suffered. This procedure works by taking the patient’s own body fat to revive the face. There are many materials available today that are used to augment the body and face. However, one of the safest, most cost-effective, easiest to use, and most natural is to use fat from your own body, as opposed to using synthetic fillers. As this procedure uses your own natural tissue, there is very little risk of an allergic reaction or rejection. A fat transfer can grant you with a tighter, smoother, more youthful appearance. Dr. Racanelli seeks to deliver his patients the best fat transfer New Jersey can administer.

Listed below are a few reasons as to why so many men and women today select to undergo a fat transfer:
· To fill out and correct the sunken areas of the face, such as one’s eyebrows, cheeks, temples, lips and upper eyelids.
· To smooth out wrinkles, folds or facial lines.
· To eliminate the concerns of placing foreign or synthetic substances in one’s body.

This procedure is used to fill in unwanted facial wrinkles, re-create high cheeks that may have deflated and fallen, plump up the lips, as well as add shape to the chin area. Dr. Racanelli routinely uses fat transfer procedures to correct contour irregularities that may have resulted from complications caused by other cosmetic surgeons. The overall results of a fat transfer are very rewarding. Dr. Racanelli prides himself in being one of the best cosmetic surgeons Brooklyn has to offer.

About the procedure

A fat transfer procedure involves collecting the fat from specific areas of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen, where many of us tend to have more fat stored than we would like. This is done through the liposuction technique. Dr. Racanelli gently extracts the fat, by using his signature proprietary micro cannula liposuction technique. It is then carefully processed to remove excess fluids and oils. Once the fat has been purified, this fat is meticulously and precisely re-injected in small sections throughout the desired area.

In addition to enhancing those hollowed areas of your face, a fat transfer has the added benefit of a refined contour to the location of the body in which the fat was harvested, as a direct result of the liposuction. Patients leave Dr. Racanelli with a body that is more sensual, has fuller volume and is more curvaceous.

Dr. Racanelli regularly performs fat transfer procedures to other areas of the body, such as the buttocks. This is known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. With the help of a fat transfer, the buttocks can be contoured, defined, and sculpted ultimately producing a rounded, elevated. For more information about this procedure, we encourage you to visit our Brazilian Butt Lift page.

During recovery

As your own body tissue is used, there is really no risk of allergic reaction. You will experience some initial swelling and bruising in treated areas. This is completely normal. Recovery time from this procedure is generally short. The body absorbs some of the injected fat, but the fat that establishes a blood supply will remain indefinitely.

Follow-up treatments or touch-ups may be necessary, especially if the patient desires any additional volume.

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