Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a devastating life event. Among all of the important considerations and concerns, how you will look if you need to have surgery does not need to be one of them. Dr. Racanelli and his team strive to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible, so that it may not be an added burden, during this time. Breast reconstruction surgery can be completed immediately following a mastectomy, or it can even be done many years after your initial surgery. This will not change the outcome. The physical and psychological effects of breast reconstruction surgery are often life changing, once a patient can see, feel and experience both breasts, once reformed. Women are granted with the chance to feel good about their breasts once again. With the aid of Dr. Racanelli, you can look forward to receiving among the best breast reconstruction New Jersey has available.

About the procedure

There are a myriad of ways that breast reconstruction surgery can be carried out. Some women choose to have implant-based reconstruction. With the help of a tissue expander, this surgery is performed by inserting implants. Breast implant surgery involves choosing either a saline solution-filled implant or silicone-filled implant in order to recreate the natural look of your breasts.

For women who are naturally a bit bustier, Dr. Racanelli regularly utilizes a state-of-the-art technique that eliminates the use of a tissue expander, and can expedite the reconstructive process.

During recovery

Most breast reconstruction patients spend a few days in the hospital after surgery. Recovery time is determined by certain factors. Whether your breast reconstruction procedure is performed subsequently to your mastectomy, in addition to if using an implant or your own body tissue. Patients who choose to undergo implant-based reconstruction typically require between 2 to 3 weeks of downtime. Sleeping propped up, whether in a comfortable recliner or with extra pillows behind you, can make sleeping a bit more comfortable for you, as well as helps to promote the healing process.

During your Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Racanelli, you will discuss the different options available regarding breast reconstruction. Together, the two of you shall discover the type of surgical reconstruction that is best for your unique needs. Every woman is different, and each procedure is tailored to your form. The goal of breast reconstruction is to recreate natural looking breasts with as little surgery as possible.

There are additional reconstructive procedures that can match the existing breast to the reconstructed breast, so as to restore symmetry and achieve a balanced figure. Dr. Racanelli can address any question or concerns you may have regarding your surgery. It is important that you feel confident and secure in your choice. As such, Dr. Racanelli aims to deliver the best breast reconstruction New Jersey has to offer.

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