“Often times, patients will present to my office requesting a breast augmentation when reality they need a breast lift. A breast augmentation will only make your breasts bigger as they are; a breast augmentation will do nothing for the position of your nipple. Many times if you have ptosis or droop to your breasts you may also require breast lift, so it’s important to ascertain what your goals are. If you’re just looking for a lifted perkier look than you may be able to achieve this look with a lift alone…”
– Dr. Racanelli

Breasts can lose their elasticity and shape due to aging or other life events that may cause hardship on the body, such as pregnancy or excessive weight loss. A breast lift (also, known as a mastopexy) offers women the opportunity to gain back their youthful, perky appearance. Dr. Racanelli seeks to give each patient nothing but one of the best breast lift Brooklyn and New Jersey can administer.

Is a breast lift right for you?

If you find that you long for more youthful looking breasts, then a breast lift could be the solution you are searching for. However, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Racanelli at one of our New Jersey or New York City offices. You will be fully informed of different treatment options regarding a breast lift or any other physical enhancements you wish to learn more about. With the help of Dr. Racanelli, you will be able to determine whether or not a breast lift is the right procedure for your body and your ambitions. The results of this surgery are tight, perky, firm, youthful and lasting breasts. Plenty of women who choose to undergo breast lift surgery very often find that they have more or less turned back the hands of time. This gives their breasts a more youthful look, which by extension, results in a younger looking upper body as well as a more flattering silhouette.

A word about breast lift scars

Most prospective breast lift patients are concerned about scarring. The incisions are visible and can only be partially hidden in the crease under the breasts. Scars will fade but it is the skill of the surgeon combined with the patient’s commitment to post-operative wound care that most determines the final result of a breast lift.

No matter how much care is taken, there are some patients who may need additional help in dealing with the scar. There are several techniques that Brooklyn plastic surgeon Dr. Racanelli can provide, such as laser resurfacing and steroid injections. It will take a year to 18 months for the scar to fully mature. During this time patients can use techniques such as massage, the use of silicone sheets to maintain equal tension on the incision and topical creams to assist with reducing the appearance of the scar.

Dr. Racanelli is a master at closing incisions. His signature three layer closing technique was developed to ensure that scars resulting from cosmetic surgery become virtually invisible after the healing process is complete. A breast lift, like any surgery, will result in a scar. The true test of a surgeon who can produce a world-class breast lift is how it looks a year after surgery.

Taking meticulous care in planning the surgery, executing the surgery perfectly and personally closing his incisions is Dr. Racanelli’s hallmark breast lift. Women can rest assured that Dr. Racanelli’s New Jersey and Brooklyn breast lift surgery will give them back lifted, youthful looking breasts that enhance their self confidence. This boost in self confidence allows women to once again wear form fitting clothing that reflect their true youthful vigor.

Breast lift or lift with augmentation?

During the extensive consultation phase, Dr. Racanelli reviews many options to achieve the patient’s goals for surgery. A breast lift will not increase size or restore fullness, particularly in the upper part of the breast. Breast lift alone can sometimes achieve the goal of patients but more often than not, a breast augmentation is used concurrently to help give you the look of youthful breasts.

Breast lift has cosmetic and medical benefits

Patients with very large breasts are very good candidates for breast lift. Not only does the procedure reduce volume, lift and firm the breasts, it has a medical benefit. Headache and backache are minimized or completely eliminated when the excessive weight of large breasts is gone. Dr. Racanelli administers among the best breast lifts money can provide. His decades of experience and commitment to his patients have resulted in a patient satisfaction rate second to none.

Nipple and areola placement

Another benefit of breast lift is that the areola can be reduced if it has become stretched and enlarged, as is often the case for women with very large breasts. Part of the procedure involves relocating the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast and during this portion of the surgery, the areola can be reduced to a more aesthetic size.

During the breast lift procedure, excess skin is removed via a series of small incisions, surrounding the breast. Once the required amount of skin has been excised, the nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher location. Dr. Racanelli always uses his proprietary wound closure techniques to minimize the appearance of the surgical incisions. Breast lift surgery is routinely performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Racanelli has the skill and expertise to provide you with a more appealing and youthful breast position, shape, and overall presence.

Please take some time to view the breast lift “before and afters” in the photo gallery to see what Dr. Racanelli is capable of doing for you and your figure. With his extensive knowledge and precision, you can be sure that you’re getting arguably one of the best breast lifts.

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What to expect during recovery

You will return home the day of surgery with your breasts securely wrapped so as to promote healing, as well as help to minimize swelling. It is completely normal for your breasts to be swollen and a little bruised for the first week or so. Typically, most patients are able to return to their daily activities within a week. You will need to avoid strenuous exercise for about 4 to 5 weeks following your breast lift.

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