Women who carry a perky, lifted buttock are generally seen as fit, youthful and voluptuous. Everyone has his or her own idea of what a perfectly sculpted derriere should look like, as well as what will compliment one’s figure. Perhaps you’ve observed that your posterior isn’t quite as high and lifted as it once was. This could be a sign of changes in the muscles of your buttocks, or even the skin tone. Dr. Racanelli offers the Brazilian butt lift in Brooklyn & New Jersey, so as to give his patients that fuller, perfectly rounded buttocks they long for.

Dr. Racanelli strives to perform some of the best Brazilian butt-lifts Brooklyn has to offer.

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

The shape and contour of one’s bottom can fall and degrade with weight fluctuation, your age; in addition to how fit you keep your body. Dr. Racanelli offers a Brazilian butt lift procedure, to rejuvenate and reform your behind. A Brazilian butt lift enlarges and forms the buttocks through fat grafting technique. With the knowledge and practice Dr. Racanelli has, you can erase the repercussions of time your body has endured, and restore your buttocks to a more desirable contour and shape. A Brazilian butt lift procedure can:

· Lift tissue and sagging skin.
· Restore a more rounded shape to the patient’s behind.
· Give form to a flattened seat.
Dr. Racanelli has the keen eye, seasoned skill and experience to help you gain a beautiful behind you can feel good about flaunting. Dr. Racanelli remains ahead of the curve in all buttock-reshaping techniques.

About the surgery

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is routinely performed as an outpatient procedure. The liposuction technique is utilized in order to collect one’s fat for a Brazilian butt lift, which will create a natural effect. Following this, the fat is then purified, before injecting it into the buttocks. Dr. Racanelli works to fulfill your needs, in granting you one of the best Brazilian butt lift Brooklyn can provide.

Very often, Dr. Racanelli’s patients have buttock rejuvenation procedures performed conjointly with his Brooklyn tummy tuck for a more complete contouring of the lower body.

During your recovery

Following your Brazilian butt lift surgery, it’s important to try and sleep facing down. Also, it is suggested that you try to avoid sitting on your buttocks for much longer than an hour at a time for the first week or two. Dr. Racanelli will go through all of the details with you prior to your surgery, to ensure you fully understand what is required of you for optimum healing.

During your consultation

Once you have scheduled a consultation, Dr. Racanelli will go over your particular goals to be sure you’re both on the same page, in regards to what you’re hoping to gain from plastic surgery. It is important for you to feel good about your decision. He also ensures that you are completely informed throughout the process. From the consultation, the best route for your physical aspirations will be determined. Plastic surgery is very much a collaborative effort and Dr. Racanelli wants to be sure you achieve what is among the best Brazilian butt lifts New Jersey has to offer.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to further explore your options, in regard to a Brazilian butt lift in Brooklyn or NJ, you can request a consultation online. Or feel free to call our office directly at (347) 983-6770 and one of our helpful staff members will assist you in scheduling your appointment.

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