“Your body is a temple” is a phrase often tossed around. Now, you have the chance to re-build your perfect body. Whether you’d like to get back to your pre-pregnancy form, or you’re looking to fill out those jeans with a lifted seat, Dr. Racanelli gives you the opportunity to re-shape your body, and enhance the physique that awaits you. With his expertise, and years of honing his unique techniques, Dr. Racanelli can help you uncover the body you desire.

Tummy tuck

When excess fat or skin protrudes over your jeans, it can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. If you are looking to obtain a flatter, more appealing looking stomach, a tummy tuck could be the answer you’ve been seeking. Dr. Racanelli is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, specifically in regards to tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Racanelli aims to be one of the top tummy tuck surgeons New Jersey can provide.

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The dream of having a trimmer, more slender body is no longer an intangible goal. In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, Dr. Racanelli can work with you to help you achieve the body you’re looking to gain, through liposuction, Dr. Racanelli can work with you to help you achieve the body you’re looking to gain, through liposuction. Dr. Racanelli aspires to give some of the best liposuction New Jersey can offer.

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Brazilian butt lift

Women who carry a perky, lifted buttock are generally seen as fit, youthful and voluptuous. The shape and contour of one’s bottom can fall and degrade with weight fluctuation, your age; in addition to how fit you keep your body. Dr. Racanelli offers a Brazilian butt lift procedure, to rejuvenate and reform your behind. A Brazilian butt lift enlarges and forms the buttocks through a fat grafting technique.

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Arm lift

The upper arm area is one of the toughest to improve upon solely with diet and exercise. An arm lift can immediately reduce upper arm fat, while eliminating loose skin. You will gain tight, toned, slim arms that you can be proud to flaunt. There is no need to hide your arms in long sleeves. Dr. Racanelli is seen by his fellow peers as one of the best plastic surgeons Brooklyn has to offer.

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Male tummy tuck

Sometimes, when men lose weight, they discover they have a build-up of skin that lacks its natural elasticity, which can hide the effort you have put in to regain your masculine form. With a male tummy tuck, that overstretched skin and excess fat is removed, giving you a little extra help to expose your abdominal muscles, for a more sculpted appearance. Dr. Racanelli aims to give you the best male tummy tuck New Jersey can offer.

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